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The #1 Reason To Choose Reputation Control Today

We are dedicated reputation management specialists with the sole objective to safeguard your online reputation to ensure you gain the credibility and trust you deserve. We can offer you competitive prices and high quality service 24/7 from our dedicated team and work alongside reputable high-ranking news sites like Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal and Yahoo News as well as the major search engines Google, Bing and AOL.

We have helped over 1,700 businesses both on a global and local scale rescue their online reputations and get top positive results featured on all the major search engines. We also provide reputation control for individuals who find their reputation tarnished online on a deeply personal level. Our services include support for the individual entrepreneur as well to gain recognition in competitive markets.

Our Core Values

At Reputation Control We Believe In:


We want to build a strong partnership with our team and yours to make sure we are transparent and honest for the future success of your company. You can be rest assured that our team are 100% professional and qualified as reputation specialists and will give you nothing but the best of their abilities.


We do not support any company that has been involved in criminal activity or who have violated any standards of decency and law in the US. We will work with companies and individuals whose reputation is in jeopardy from past experiences with bad PR, biased reviews and the suchlike and need help to restore their online image. We assess every case thoroughly before offering our services to any business or individual.


This is what we strive for. 200% customer satisfaction and nothing less. We want you to succeed and get the positive reputation and recognition you deserve. Our policy is not only to push down your undesirable results temporarily so you can gain more business over a short period of time, but make sure your reputation stays on point permanently giving you long term success and a top-rate online profile.

How We Operate

We meticulously search the vast web for every single negative or undesirable result that even mentions you by name. Our first priority is to tackle those results and eradicate them.

We will devise a personalized strategy using our select team of expert reputation specialists who are highly trained in developing tangible plans to increase your online image. Together they work with leading PR consultants and top-ranking news sites  to create quality content that will push down negative search results.

Our highly skilled PR team will create articles, press releases and other original content about your business that will be published on top news sites that rank high in search engines like Google and Yahoo. After each article is published you will see those high ranking publications will begin replacing the undesirable results that were dominant before and week by week will be pushed down from the first page of results.

This team is dedicated to your needs and will be available 24/7 to handle any query or need you may have and will continue to ensure that no negative results will ever rear their ugly head again to threaten your reputation.

We are offering a free consultation with one of our dedicated reputation specialists to determine what kind of strategy you personally need.

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