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Reputation Control is dedicated to the highest quality customer service and we stand firm behind our 100% guarantee of NO REMOVAL, NO CHARGE. We operate on a “pay on removal” guarantee which means you only pay when we remove all negative Glassdoor reviews from the Glassdoor website and all search engines.

We stand behind our promise: If your negative reviews are not removed – you don’t pay!

Our sole objective is to safeguard your company’s online reputation and to insure you gain the credibility and trust your brand deserves to attract future job applicants and potential customers.

We have gladly served over 1,700 businesses and individuals successfully remove unwanted results from hundreds of online platforms and redeem their online reputation easily and painlessly.

Here are just a few accounts from our many satisfied clients from both business accounts and individuals to give you a personal insight on what we stand for.

“I personally wish to thank the reputation specialist, Sam who guided us through every moment of the process of removing our negative company reviews on Glassdoor and Indeed. The service and dedication of the team is outstanding and everything was clearly explained and managed. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the service from Reputation Control. They were very thorough and stuck by their promise to remove all trace of the negative results from Glassdoor and Indeed. They supported us 100% and helped redeem our reputation fast.”

April 2017

“The service I have received from Reputation Control has exceeded my expectations. Compared to other reputation management services I have had experience with you are hands down the most efficient. Your speedy response to requests have been greatly appreciated your reputations specialists are adept at working in a fast paced environment. Having 24/7 support is very reassuring and our company’s reputation thanks you for it!”

February 2017

“Without a shadow of a doubt your team of reputation specialists are the best by far. I have enlisted the help of other reputation management services in the past but your team was the only one to get it done. Thank you for providing us with months of top rate service and for fulfilling your promise. You managed to remove all the negative results we had from Consumer complaints (to name but one site where we had undesirable reviews) that previous services couldn’t seem to fathom out how to do. Your turnaround was impressive and we always feel supported by your team. I would recommend you to anyone looking to rescue their company reputation. Thanks!”

April 2017

“I’d like to give personal thanks to my reputation specialist Johanna who has been an absolute treasure to work with. We reached out to you in the fall of last year after seeing rave reviews about your service. Our expert, Johanna was super friendly and knowledgeable about removing negative reviews from top ranking sites that were harming our small company. She worked hard to uncover every undesirable results we had out there, some she discovered we never knew existed! We want to thank your team for giving us our good reputation and standing back and turning our business around, much appreciated”

December 2016

“I’m writing to you today to show my absolute gratefulness. I represent a company that recently enlisted your services to repair our company’s online reputation. We had tried for months to eradicate some particularly defamatory content that was being spread online by our biggest competitor. Your team got right on the case and weeded out every shred of content that was harming us. It was unbelievable how effective and quickly you achieved that. Reputation Control is a very worthwhile service and we highly recommend your services to other companies in our network. Thank you”

June 2016

“Thank you Reputation Control for being an honest and reliable service. You have done exactly what you claim and then some. When we first reached out to you we had some doubts on whether or not you could really improve our reputation on after having some pretty harsh reviews which we felt were unfair. But you managed to remove those reviews efficiently and quickly and we were impressed. Your services are invaluable to us and we are pleased to have your total support”

March 2017

“I’m thrilled with my results from Reputation Control. Your team are highly skilled and really were available 24/7 to help me with everything I needed. The negative posts that had been ruining my online rep have now disappeared and I feel I can finally close that chapter in my personal life thanks to you guys. I didn’t even know there were sites out there that spiteful exes with a grudge could just post on to smear your name. I also didn’t know you guys could clean up that mess so well. I am eternally grateful for Reputation Control, thank you”

January 2017

“Thank you so much for not only helping us take control of our company’s online reputation but for supporting us in building back trust with our clients. Your team are dedicated and extremely knowledgable on how to get rid of unwanted reviews and defamatory information. We thought we were ruined until we discovered your services. After speaking to our reputation specialist we really felt there was hope to redeem ourselves and everything was explained in clear English on how it was to be done. We are surprised with the high level of professionalism and effectiveness of what Reputation Control has done. Thank you so much for all your help”

November 2016

“I cannot praise the Reputation Control team enough. I completely recommend their service to anyone who has experienced cyber bullying and has had to suffer the consequences that go with it. Their experts were sympathetic to my situation and made me feel valued and assured through the entire process. They were able to remove harmful posts about me quickly and easily and even found old posts that had been lost among the rest. The specialists are extremely thorough and leave no stone unturned. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me!”

May 2016

“Infinite thanks to the team at Reputation Control. I have you to thank for restoring my online reputation after some pretty scandalous things were said about me and my personal life. Your specialist was very understanding and sensitive to my situation I felt at ease after talking to Natalie who was professional and extremely well informed on how to eliminate those posts. I felt in good hands through the whole process and was over the moon when those horrible posts were finally gone. Thank you guys!”

August 2016