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As the name suggests is dedicated to “exposing the psychos of the world” in the realm of dating and relationships. The site is a popular platform for defaming the reputation of men and women across the country branding them not only undatable but complete psychos.


They even have a “psycho of the week” feature which is reserved for the most extreme cases of stalkers, liars and cheaters. In many ways this goes beyond being reported for infidelity you are literally being labelled as certifiable. If your name appears on consider your love life ruined and probably your professional one too.


Have You Been Branded A Psycho?


The massive issue with a site like is that negative claims about you can be posted by absolutely anyone and can’t even be verified. Your ex-partner with a vengeance or even just a bad first date can lead to your reputation being dragged through the mud and ruining your life in one simple post.


Negative posts appear on the first page of Google results when someone looks up your name or even email address so removal of these posts is essential to restoring your reputation.

Remove Your Posts on in 30 Days


At Reputation Control we understand the sensitive situation you have been put in with negative posts on and will support you in removing this defamatory content. That is why we handle your information with complete confidentiality and operate quickly and discretely. Your information will be handled ethically and securely in the hands of our reputation specialists that will ensure complete removal of negative posts from and all related search engine results within 30 days. This is our guarantee or you will be entitled to a full refund.  


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