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How to Remove Badboyreport.Kr Posts is a website designed to expose cheaters liars and people prone to bouts of infidelity in general. They claim they want to protect men and women from bad dates and future relationship disasters by naming and shaming supposed “bad boys and girls” by name and even more personal data like displaying telephone numbers and emails.


The huge problem with sites like this is that anyone can post negative defamatory claims about you that can’t even be verified. Any ex-partner with a vengeance can ruin your life in one post on and these negative posts put your future personal and even professional life in jeopardy.


Negative Badboyreport posts will appear top of the page when you Google your name or even email address so removal of these posts is vital to your reputation.

Reputation Control Will Take Care of Your Negative Badboyreport Posts


Since 1996 we have helped take down thousands of negative posts on for clients whose personal reputation was being harmed by unsupported claims of infidelity from vengeful ex partners.


Our reputation management specialists are highly trained in dealing with sensitive personal data and understand the importance of removing this defamatory content as quickly as possible. Working with us you can expect rapid negative post removal and complete confidentiality and discretion with our agents.


Reputation Control also stands by a 100% success guarantee. We will remove your negative posts on Badboyreport and respective search engine results from the site in their entirety or you get every penny back.


To remove your negative posts from please provide us with a way to get in touch with you using the form below and receive a free consultation with one of our reputation management specialists today.

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