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Remove Your Complaints from Pissed Consumer

The Pissed Consumer website contains over 250,000 negative reviews and is considered somewhat an “authority” when it comes to reviews about your company or service. Like many top review sites does not require users to disclose their identity and therefore by protecting the identity of the reviewer it prevents the business being reviewed the opportunity to follow up on said complaint.

This is very frustrating for any company and at Reputation Control we understand that sites like Pissed Consumer are not concerned about the company’s reputation and the consequences their negative posts can have on you. That is why we provide complete removal of negative reviews and additional services that can expose the identity of anonymous reviews with proven to work follow up strategies to redeem your reputation.

Why Are We Different to Other Reputation Management Services?

Reputation Control is proud to have served thousands of businesses to date removing negative reviews from sites like We have had a 100% success rate since our beginning in 1996 and stand by our guarantee of complete removal or your money back.

We can also implement further strategies after removal that makes sure you can identify the anonymous posters to take further action. That could be a simple reach out or if necessary to take legal action which our expert team of defamation attorneys can assist you with.

Our experienced team of reputation specialists are on standby 24/7 for all of your needs and absolute confidentiality is guaranteed. Contact us today for a free reputation analysis by filling out the form below to get started.

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