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How to Remove Negative Blog Content from Blogger


Blogger also known as Blogspot is the leading free blog platform that had millions of users posting everyday. Started in 1999 and later acquired by Google it remains to be a top ranking website that always appears on the first page of search results. Users of can create their own blog site within minutes and post content easily and quickly and it’s free. Most people use Blogger for their personal interests but there are users out there posting negative or defamatory content or reproducing copyrighted material.


Have you been affected by negative content published on We can completely remove the following negative content from that can harm your reputation:


Copyright Infringement and Plagiarism – We can find evidence of copyright infringement from your original content that has been plagiarised from your site and published on and report it to Google to get it removed.


Violations of Terms of Service – Our removal service for includes violations of terms such as posting cyber bullying, spam, revealing your personal information, impersonation of your profile, violence against you, crude content and sexual content etc.


Defamation of Character – Sadly this problem is increasing every day as more and more people use the Internet to spread defamatory content about others. Reputation Control works hard to remove this kind of content and is our top priority to protect your reputation.


We Can Remove All Negative Content in 30 Days or Less


Reputation Control guarantees complete removal of all your negative content from and related search engine results. We are confident that complete removal is possible so we stand behind that statement and offer a 100% success rate guarantee or your money back.


Working with Reputation Control can also rely on:


  • 24/7 Client Service
  • Complete Confidentiality
  • Integrity and Transparency
  • Ethical Treatment of Personal Data
  • Full Removal in 30 Days or Less


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