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How to Remove Negative Content from as the name suggests is a database that holds thousands of negative reports and complaints about companies across the country. The site gets around 100,000 views a day and anyone can post whatever they want to say about your company or product without being verified.


Despite the fact that has a lot of visitors and users there are some sources which question the site’s authenticity that even some reports are written by people paid to sabotage companies.

Nevertheless, people take the negative content they find on the site completely seriously and will take your negative reviews as gospel. According to recent research into consumer habits:

  • 92% of consumers go online first to research potential companies to purchase from before anything else
  • 88% take online reviews and feedback from previous clients into account when making purchasing decisions
  • 86% will leave a company site that has negative reviews to look for alternative options
    Your online reputation is at risk and only complete removal of this defamatory material can redeem your company as a trustworthy business.  

Remove All Negative Reviews from in 30 Days

Reputation Control has served thousands of businesses since 1996 and is laser focused on our prime objective of protecting your company’s online reputation. Our 100% success rate makes us unsurpassable in reputation management services. Our crack team consists of top defamation lawyers, leaders in public relations and experts in negative digital content removal and are here to serve your company 24/7.

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