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How to Remove Negative Posts from is a search tool that claims to want to “protect” men and women from falling for serial liars and cheaters that have been publicly exposed by past partners or previous dates. The site is quite aggressive and is not only embarrassing to find yourself featured on but can be seriously harmful to your personal life and even professional opportunities too.


The main issue with this kind of “name and shame” site is that pretty much anyone can say what they want and post all kinds of media about you and that includes compromising photos and videos. Any person you have wronged in the past can crawl out the woodwork and start spreading gossip about you to harm your online reputation within minutes.  


Negative Playerblock posts appear high up on the list when you Google your name or even email address so removal of these posts is vital to your reputation.

We Can Remove Your Negative Playerblock Posts Under 30 Days

At Reputation Control we believe everyone should have the benefit of the doubt and shouldn’t have to suffer personally and professionally from vengeful people who are looking to ruin lives with their negative posts on sites like Playerblock. We have helped thousands of people redeem their online reputation by completely removing negative posts from

Our reputation management specialists have over two decades of experience in handling sensitive information like negative cheater posts and we are aware of the importance for you to remove this information rapidly and discreetly.

We stand by a complete success guarantee too. This means that your negative posts on will be completely removed within 30 days or your money back.

Remove your negative posts on today by starting with our free confidential reputation analysis. Fill out the form below and get started right now.

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