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How to Remove Negative Posts from ScamGroup is a massive online database that holds thousands of negative write ups and complaints from angry customers who have negative experiences with businesses, products and services. gets over 120.000 visitors every single day both uploading negative content and reading it. Negative results from this site appear at the top of Google searches and can seriously influence new clients when it comes to choosing your business.

The site is designed to prevent future clients going through the same negative experiences with companies and according to recent research 88% of your new prospects will take negative posts on sites like as gospel and not trust to do business with you.

But how can this negative content be validated as a true account from a real experience? When anyone can post anonymously you may be under attack from someone wishing to undermine your company status. This defamatory content can seriously harm your company and complete removal of it is your best option to rescue your online reputation.

Are you a victim of anonymous defamatory content on Posters are not as anonymous as they think. At Reputation Control we can track them down so your company can take appropriate action.

This Is How Reputation Control Can Help

We have assisted thousands of companies in revealing the identity of anonymous defamatory posts left on and helped remove them completely and quickly from the site and search engine results. Sites like are full of fake harmful negative content but we have proven strategies to completely remove it effectively. Our crack team consists of top defamation lawyers, top leaders in PR and digital media and experts in negative online content removal and are here to serve your company 24/7.
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