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How to Remove Negative Reviews from Healthgrades is a high ranking review site that contains authoritative reviews of physicians and hospitals across the US. According to a statistic displayed on their site around 30% of the US population making a doctor’s appointment will first visit to compare reviews before choosing a medical service.


The site gets over 450.000 visitors a day and is considered a top authority in honest medical reviews. If you are a physician or registered hospital/clinic and have negative reviews on your reputation is severely at risk.


Reputation Control Removes 100% of Your Negative Reviews


We are dedicated to protecting your professional reputation either as a practicing physician or medical service entity. We guarantee complete removal of all negative reviews and search results from and can achieve it within 30 days.


Since Reputation Control began operating in 1996 we have assisted thousands of healthcare companies and professional medical doctors to reclaim their reputation with complete success.

Why Reputation Control Are the #1 Choice
Our objective is simply to protect your reputation. Working with us you can expect complete removal of all your negative reviews on Healthgrades as well as:


  • Complete Confidentiality
  • 100% Success or Your Money Back
  • Removal Within 30 Days
  • 24/7 Client Service
  • Total Data Protection
  • Secure Payment Methods

Work with us now and get your negative Angie’s List reviews removed within 30 days or less. Get started by providing us with some contact information below for a free analysis of your reputation with our team of specialists.

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