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All successful businesses takes strides to ensure their online reputation is positive. The website Business2Community recently released 4 key steps that all small companies can take regarding online reputation management. Because reviews are such a big part of the consumer experience these days, companies should always interact with reviews and attempt to handle negative posts by resolving the conflict.

Beyond this step, being a proactive member of multiple social media channels can do wonders for a firm’s online reputation. Sites like Hootsuite allow posts to be spread across a variety of social media channels all at once, negating the necessity to post the same thing over and over to reach all of the different channels. Posts should be engaging and encourage responses from followers. This coincides with the previous point, and if there is one clear takeaway that small businesses can apply to better manage their online reputation, it’s this: direct communication with followers and customers is the single most effective way to keep them happy. In the long run, this will lead to increased business and more referrals.