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According to a TechNewsWorld article, When it comes to business, you’re only as good as your reputation. Indeed, your reputation is your brand. It is the substance your logo represents; it is the glue in customer brand loyalty. In a word, reputation is everything. Yet it’s not entirely under your control.

That doesn’t mean you are helpless as a victim of false accusations, ratings, or wrongful attacks on your company’s character, however. Following are some things you can do to manage your company’s reputation when things go awry despite your best efforts.

Be Transparent

Constant Caring

First and foremost, remember the golden rule. While treating everyone fairly and conducting your business ethically may not be the straightest path to higher profits in the short term, it will protect your brand in the long term.

Customers and prospects do not expect any company to have a perfect score, so an occasional ding won’t hurt your company.

Four-star ratings drive the most trust, said 41.8 percent of the participants in a Chatmeter poll of 1,000 consumers on the impact of online reviews on brand reputation and loyalty.