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According to a Forbes article, if you’re new to online reputation management, let’s start with a definition. In simplest terms, it’s the work of influencing and improving the digital content that consumers find when they look for information about your brand. With smartphones in virtually every pocket, consumers can research a brand, product or service anytime, anywhere, so online reputation management (ORM for short) has never been more important. If you are not actively practicing digital reputation management, some subset of your target audience is likely dropping you from consideration without you even knowing it. Online reputation repair can take many forms, but if you do nothing else, focus on managing these three critical elements: 1. Search Engine Results: The content that appears on the first page around your branded search terms 2. Online Reviews: Reviews of your company, products or services on the major review sites 3. Online Customer Service: Because your public responses to customers say a lot about your organization or brand