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As seen in a LANews article, in this ever-changing technological world internet and online connectivity has become an integral part of business organization across the globe. On one hand, internet connectivity has given business organization enormous opportunity to grow their business in every dimension, on another hand, it has also provided ease to customer and consumer to exchange information with a business organization.

Because of internet connectivity, online applications have become new marketing channels for enterprises but at the same time, customers can also convey their dissatisfaction in no time that can portray a bad image of the company. That’s why enterprise internet reputation management is must for every business organization.

Enterprise internet reputation management includes tracking of public opinion, analyzing them, and finally interpreting meaningful information out of it. Based on these interpretations and findings, it assists business organizations to draft their online marketing campaign accordingly. Nowadays, a person will find very few obstacles in damaging the online health of an organization via social media. Internet reputation management does online makeovers for enterprises by trashing negative search result and promoting content and reviews.

The rise of internet added various dynamics to business organizations but at the same time, it has increased the business complexity. Internet and social media channel generate data of multiple gigabytes every day. So, to analyze this enormous amount of data that is in the form of video, images, reviews etc., and to focus on their core business areas, enterprises are now availing services of enterprise internet reputation management. Furthermore, the need of digitized marketing campaign is also driving the growth of the market.