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Per a Forbes article: Reviews, comments, social media profiles, photos, posts — the list of what we’ve put into the online world is a long one, and this is what shapes search results. But the impacts of these results don’t end on the first page of Google. They impact behavior, decisions and, above all, reputation. With this in mind, we have to learn how to own our reputation in the digital space.

Participate, And Participate Proactively

Shying away from online platforms is no longer a viable option if you want to actively manage your online reputation. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have moved beyond social media forums and now operate as search engines in and of themselves. People use these platforms not only to interact but to access information and make decisions.

Know Your Audience

Your participation won’t go nearly as far if you don’t know and understand your audience. As you gather the data you are able to collect from social and professional platforms, cater your content to your followers, influencers and target markets.

Stay Vigilant And Stay Informed

These tips will help you navigate the world of online reputation, but it is a world that is constantly changing. Remain aware of the frequent changes to your own search results, the changes made to the search engines and platforms, and how they operate. Google, Facebook and Twitter continually update their algorithms, and staying aware of these changes will help you stay ahead. You can’t opt out of having an online reputation in today’s world. Instead, you can be proactive, get ahead of common issues and own your digital presence. It’s never too early — and it’s also never too late — to start participating and taking control of your online reputation.