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According to a Thrive Global article, Brand reputation management has been one of the most strategic practices for enhancing online visibility and customer loyalty for nearly a decade. Everyone now knows the importance of getting positive online reviews but why is credibility important in business? How can brand credibility scale your business?

Brand credibility is the general public perception and trust associated with your brand. As the prominent author and speaker Harvey Mackay once said, “Don’t confuse visibility with credibility.” So while having a powerful online presence is important, some others and I will argue that what’s more important is having credibility behind your brand’s presence. P.T. Barnum once wrote, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity,” whereas almost 100 years later Brendan Behan would add “…except on your own obituary”.

The latter is true because, in a digital age where the majority of consumers are researching your brand online before purchasing your product or service if your brand has a bad or poor reputation, your brand will have earned its place amongst the 66% of businesses fail in the first ten years.

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