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According to Search Engine Journal, there’s one at every social gathering: That person who just loves to hear himself talk. You know the kind – trying to get a word in edgewise is a battle. And when you finally do, he’s just waiting for his turn to speak again. This is not unlike how some brands engage in social media today. They’ve shown up to the party, but the conversation is a bit one-sided. That’s where social media listening tools can help your brand succeed both socially and in business.

Why Social Media Monitoring Is Important

Long gone are the days when simply having a social media presence and scheduling some updates to make you a “social” brand. New technology has catapulted companies into the next level of social media engagement by providing insights around the mounds of data being produced on social media each minute.

Social media monitoring tools today can help you:

  • Get to know your audience and what they want, then deliver it.
  • Monitor brand mentions on social and across the web, and take action.
  • Identify and get in front of important influencers with targeted messaging or products and services.
  • Find potential customers and target them with what they’re looking for.
  • Monitor your competition and identify opportunities to pick up where they have dropped the ball.
  • Manage crises and public relations better.

These are just some examples of how you can get creative with the data that social media listening tools can offer.