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Smart Speakers are posed to bring unexpected challenges to online reputation management and repair. Here’s how.

Just after waking up and usually still in bed, I usually say, “Hey Google, what is the weather?” I then follow up with checking the time (also in a HAL 9000-like voice), where my first appointment is, and info on the place I’m going to. A friend of mine uses smart speakers to listen to music, but also does almost all her searching with them; I’m starting to ask questions that I used to type in Google.

Searching for information is changing dramatically and quickly. Opening a browser and typing in Google was the normal thing to do for the past decade or so. Now with the advent of “smart speakers,” asking questions in your own voice is now being used by 15% of households.

Sales of Google Home, Amazon’s Echo, Apple, Samsung, and others are exploding and the smart home speaker market is expected to be a $25 billion industry in only a few years.

Searches made through smart speakers, and understanding how this might work, is crucial for a business. So, what does this mean for your online reputation management and repair? A lot. Here’s why.

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